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@jimmyaintshit – Jimmy Ain’t $hit – Love Your Self Remix – Chicago

@jimmyaintshit – Jimmy Ain’t $hit – Love Your Self Remix – Chicago

About this Song:

“Chicago Artist, Jimmy Ain’t Shit remix’s the #1Billboard record, Love Your Self. This all-star Chicago production team consisting of Lucas G (guitar), Timmy V, (bass), and John Foster-Brooks (Sax) slows down the whole arrangement of the record to give it more of a raw feeling. For the icing on the cake Jimmy Ain’t Shit lays down her version of how one should love their self really adding that nitty gritty realness to the track, Something J Bieb’s version seemed to be missing… “I would fight for you, used to sit and cry for you. To see you smile I would of gave up my life for you.” ~ JimmyAin’t$hit.”

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