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@JahBeLuv – Rayvon Owens – Unseen Crisis – San Diego

@JahBeLuv – Rayvon Owens – Unseen Crisis – San Diego

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This song is a single off of my latest mixtape that I released titled “Neuro Narrative”. The song is essentially about the everyday invisible battle that I go through as a human. On the outside looking in the everyday spiritual battle humans have with vices is not visible, and people tend to stray away from talking about and act like its not an actual thing when in reality it is the toughest battle anyone will ever face. The battle of self vs. self. This song talks about this battle through my personal perspective and my struggle that ive had with vices during my life. I just want to relate to everybody and let people know they are not the only one dealing with feelings of self resentment.

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