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@its_zey_ – Young Zey – NEVER Freestyle (F3) – North Bergen

@its_zey_ – Young Zey – NEVER Freestyle (F3) – North Bergen

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This song has a crazy vibe to it of sporadic yet well compacted off the wall flows on a beat that screams hunger and urgency with heavy wordplay while still maintaining a listenable and extremely unique sound. This was done off the top by a 16 year old jack of all trades (myself), mixing, mastering, engineering, producing and rapping are all specialties and although this wasn’t over one of his own beats all of the other skill sets showed up in the song, and to me was an impressive display that showcases my potential in many different areas. (Side Note: I also do my own cover art and literally everything else by myself, i am the true definition of an “independent Artist”)

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