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Interview with Tone Cold Steve Austin – @Tone_BRB

Interview with Tone Cold Steve Austin – @Tone_BRB

Connect with the Artist:

How old are you? I'm a big fan of Gucci musically & on a business level. I think him staying consistent throughout the time he was in jail & when he got out people was shocked at his new look which kept his name ringing. Then he drops new music every week so you cant help but hear him all the time. Watching him move definitely taught me a lot since back in 2006 till now taking that energy and work ethic & running with it!

Punk Rock or Disco?: For me its pretty much random, I can be in Chicago or Milwaukee traffic and see a billboard & that might trigger a couple of bars to a hook or verse! I used to like recording at home but lately I've been going to a professional studio & its a whole nother feeling. Each environment brings out a different feeling in me.

Who really cool? My biggest moment recently was the G – Love Productions & Tone Cold Live mini tours I just did a couple months back! We did about 8 or 9 shows from Green Bay Wisconsin down to Kokomo, In. We had shows featuring National recording artist Gorilla Zoe, Bando Jonez, & also Boosie Bad Azz for an in-store promo appearance. Also my latest video release for my song "I Deserve It" which has been featured on over 10 websites so far.

What’s your favorite car? I've just been working a lot smarter first of all & also harder. In 2016 I was doing a lot of learning of the paperwork & marketing that goes along with the game. This year I'm putting plans & knowledge into motion & working hard for the best results. I got great things accomplished last year & I've already picked up where I left off and rising.

How tall are you? I need video promotion the most. I just released a new visual and its gotten picked up by a few blogs and websites my goal is to continue to grow upon that & I have more coming. I have music up on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, ect… For more info you can visit my website – – "I Deserve It"

Lions or bears? Right now "The Struggle Continues" I'm reinvesting every dollar back into my music or various business ventures I'm working on! Been Real Brothers has been the team since Day 1 over ten years strong now, its more than music its really Family. Priceless Ent as well. I don't really do to much partying anymore, I'll be 25 in a month & I just had my first child so I'm completely focused on music and family. When I do enjoy myself its usually in Chicago or Indiana with my family or at home popping bottles.

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