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Interview with Buddah – @Jay_heisman4

Interview with Buddah – @Jay_heisman4

Connect with the Artist:

How old are you? Honestly Gucci is a Goat. From the way I see it , it was everything combined from the buzz that he was a clone , to every rapper saying free guwop. To be honest I’m about to do some crazy shit I don’t want to speak it on but to all my fans stay tuned.

Punk Rock or Disco?: Really I work anywhere I don’t have an exact favorite spot . See I got AdHd so it be a million things on my mind at once and I really use that to my advantage. So really it just be random, I just know when I do brain storm something I’m shooting straight to the Stu

Who really cool? My favorite moment so far got to be performing with my boy King Nu. It was bussing girls everywhere the crowd singing my lyrics for me, shit at the moment that’s when I knew I had to get serious with this Music. My next big goal is to get a mini tour set up. I’m taking baby steps toward It though I got me Pr team , I just got my first manger and he’s out right now trying to get me Booked.

What’s your favorite car? I’m working hard in 2017, basically living in the studio. I’ve already dropped a mixtape “Can’t You See” that’s on soundcloud and I’ve dropped my biggest song to date “1more” that’s on soundcloud as well. Also I got some crazy visuals on the way. What really got me working hard was famous dex, he dropped 70 visuals in 2016 I think. That’s how I’m trying to be so I’m really working man.

How tall are you? I just really need help with getting my music out there to different crowds I need it to be heard. The number one goal right now is to get views, get my music around I want to be a house hold name someday. DHHJ don’t need to do anything better just keep promoting my music .

Lions or bears? What’s in my pocket ? Dead presidents. Naw but I’ll die for my team Y.G. man. My favorite place to party? I would have to say Iowa state , Shout out my boy Michael Matkovic for taking me to that Frat party hoes everywhere, it was 1200 people there .

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