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@Im_Ty96 – Im Ty – Been Up All Night – Washington DC

@Im_Ty96 – Im Ty – Been Up All Night – Washington DC

About this Song:

“On May 16th 1987, Im Ty was delivered into this world as Tyree Douglas. From the hospital, Tyree was introduced to the world of Washington, District of Columbia a habitat struggling with high crime rates, drugs and low economic stability. As he grew in this environment Tyree was getting into things that, as we all can imagine, were no good for his future. In 1997, the problems of the world invaded Ty’s life when his own blood line accused him of wrong doings and stabbed him. It was a hard lesson to learn but in the midst of the shock and betrayal Ty was able to take a vital lesson from this domestic occurrence. His mother, Ms. Douglas moved her family about 5 miles out to a place called Oxon Hill a piece of PG county, where she thought it would be a fresh start for Tyree. It definitely was! From there Im Ty was able to turn himself around and flow with a more positive group of people. Defying the odds Tyree graduated Potomac High in 2007 with a new look on life.

During this era, music was a major influence in the world around him and Im Ty was able to use it as an aid to help cope with his own situations. Life is a lot of unforeseen obstacles and mood swings that plague us as people but each of us have a different “thing” that helps us deal. Music for Im Ty was a way to escape and in 2001, at the age of 14 he heard “ The Blueprint” album by Jay Z and deemed it the best album of all time. Shortly after that he began to listen and interpret songs in ways that soothed his soul. At that time Im Ty was bumping to Slick Rick, Outkast, Ma$e and Kanye West. He was captivated by the messages artists were able to convey to their audiences through their own life experiences. A fan of their style and delivery Im Ty was motivated to accomplish his own message through music. Fusing together a slick tongue, savvy flow and a confidence, Im Ty matched his words with mesmerizing tones and brought the world a whole new sound!

To this day Im Ty still checks for an artist that was born in his same area by the name of Wale. When Im Ty was an adolescent doing the mundane work of an after school job at a local shoe store, one day he noticed a man come in and hand his CD to the manager of the store. The man asked the manager if he could give his music some air time in his store just to pique peoples interests and try to gain some supporters because he was a new artist and he believed in his music. The manager disregarded the mans efforts by throwing the CD out as soon as he walked out. Not even willing to take a chance on the boy and his growing love for music. Fortunately Im Ty wasn’t as biased, he retrieved the disk out of the trash and gave the man a chance to voice his message. At this point in life Wale is an affluent artist doing big things in the music industry and through the adversity of his peers he has made it. Just by believing in himself and his music he was able to go from your average everyday man to someone who made his dreams come true. Im Ty has taken that positive display and adapted it to his own music and was able to create an album that not only is infectious to the ear but also realistic and relatable. Creatively titled “Bullshyt Nights”, and with perseverance Im Ty too can make all his dreams and affirmations come to life.”

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