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@ignoranttactics – Marcu$ – 1of1 – San Diego

@ignoranttactics – Marcu$ – 1of1 – San Diego

About this Song:

Marcu$ is a rapper based in San Diego, California but originates in Raleigh, North Carolina. He recently released an EP entitled “Kill Kill Kill” which is catching a pretty good buzz across social media and in San Diego. With a Grimy, Bass heavy sound, and a voice that might make you believe your family is being held for ransom, Marcu$ music is a beautiful medley of trap and lyricism. When performing his energy is magnetic, drawing the crowd in and setting the perfect vibe for a riot-esq mosh pit. You can hear the hustle and the struggle in his music, a confident yet humble artist who knows exactly who he is, and exactly what he is doing. You really get a sense of this essence in his EP “Kill Kill Kill” which flows so well from beginning to end keeping the listener intrigued and captured the entire time. Marcu$ is as hungry of an artist as i have seen in a long time and i expect nothing less then more killer music from him come soon.

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