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@iamacepure – Ace Pure – Lonely – West Orange

@iamacepure – Ace Pure – Lonely – West Orange

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This song is one of them songs you play riding through your city/town no passengers when you’re just in your own world. It’s going to pull out that inner beast that every individual has within. No time for games or the false reality. I dropped a real one for the hip hop heads to play back because they love the flows on this track, but once they play it back they’ll notice metaphors that they didn’t hear on the first time listening. This is my first introduction to this site. This is me warming y’all ears up to the consistent new heat i’ll be dropping form this point on. Thank y’all for listening and stay tuned. Message me on twitter/instagram & let me know what y’all think!

Twitter/ig: iamacepure

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