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@hp47jdot – 47JDOT – OMG – Highland Park

@hp47jdot – 47JDOT – OMG – Highland Park

Connect with the Artist:

About this Song:

A new young Hip-Hop/Rap artist that goes by the name of 47JDot.
He was born and raised in a small city by the name of Highland Park (inside of Detroit, Mi).
He has recently released a hot new mixtape called “47CoolCrew” which with crew member 47deelong it has variety of styles of music.
47JDot started 47coolcrew along with two other Founders icevisionz and 47Deelong in the beginning summer of 2013.
They are Currently promoting the latest project.
while at the same time 47JDot is working on his Solo project by the name of “The Outlet”.
They are taking on the city by storm with the new movement they have created. Also performing in other places such as Cleveland Ohio.

Social media:
Twitter- @hp47jdot
Instagram – 47_jdot
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/47coolcrew/47jdot-omg

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