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How to get more IG story views for free

How to get more IG story views for free

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Instagram is a huge spot to gain fans at right now and here’s something you can put into action today.

If you aren’t already using Instagram Stories you should be. Instagram does a lot to boost them in the feed so more people see them.

If you are already on Snapchat you can simply export your Snapchat stories & import them into Instagram.

The trick is that when you upload a story to Instagram you want to tag a location. The bigger the location the better.

You can also add hashtags.

What does this mean for your music brand?

Since you’re a growing artist, this means you can increase your exposure on Instagram just by tagging locations and hashtags in your Instagram stories.

The key is to create branded content that showcases your artist logo, handle, or website to the video.

So here’s a test you can run.

Post a pic or video to your Instagram story using 2 hashtags and a location tag. Then post a pic or video without using hashtags or locations.

You will see a huge difference!

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