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@hiphopbiz4kids – infnittychichi – Pop Pop Bang Bang – Atlanta

@hiphopbiz4kids – infnittychichi – Pop Pop Bang Bang – Atlanta

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Now that Cardi-B has opened the door for female rappers, those that didn’t have the platform of a Love and Hip-Hop TV Show got lost in the sauce over the years. Inf-Nitty was part of the Sucka Free Records under Sony in Houston TX in 2004 right when Lil Flip went double platinum. As she took her New York flow to Houston, she collaborated with legends: Tre da Truth, Yung Redd, and Zro.
Music wasn’t released after Lil Flip left the label and the owner of the label had other issues to deal with. Inf-Nitty ethnic background Nigerian and Irish started dabbling more into the African Music culture with artist B-Clay. As time went by Inf-Nitty moved to Atlanta, became a Basketball Team Owner, TV producer, Booking Agent, Music Writer, and Business Professor. Inf-Nitty started the sexy Models Basketball League where ladies played basketball before various NBA teams. She used that as a tool to become a TV producer for the Models Basketball TV Show and is currently working with a legendary NBA player and commentator on a new Female Basketball competition show. She also used that leverage to book appearances for celebrities keeping her name relevant in the entertainment industry.
With two Master degrees, Inf-Nitty turned to her passion for Hip-Hop and wrote a book about Legendary Icons, and Hip-hop Biz4Kids. She produced her marketing tour getting A-List celebrities to promote her book, along with Hip-Hop Def Rugs from legendary producer and rapper Erick Sermon. Her book gave her ability to teach undergraduate, and Graduate Business classes at the local University. She still writes R&B, Pop, and Rap for other up and coming artist, along with streaming those unreleased tracks that even go hard with today’s music. People still want to hear that original freestyle, gritty, street, dope bars that Inf-Nitty always had including some Pop jams, and African vibes you can party to.

You can check out her album Suffering Servant feat Tre da Truth, Zro, Crooked I, Kwame, Sha Money XL, and many more on Itunes, Spodify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and other platforms. The two songs that had the most streams were “Can’t be Dead feat Zro”, and “Get Doe feat Crooked I”. Make sure you drop her summer banger Pop Pop Bang Bang that is the ultimate Pop Hip-Hop Summer song that you gotta bang at your next party, video coming soon. Now that Inf-Nitty has matured she will stream all the unreleased bangers she has, make a couple of new tracks, but her goal is to be more than just a female rapper. Her primary focus is Music, Basketball TV Shows, Writing Books, and a Shirt line called Microphone Fien. For interviews or appearances, please contact Inf-Nitty at Hiphopbiz4kids@gmail.com

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