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@helioshussain – Helios Hussain – Views From 6 Mile – Album – Detroit

@helioshussain – Helios Hussain – Views From 6 Mile – Album – Detroit

About this Song:

“Meet Helios Hussain, first signee to Chuck Inglish’s Sounds Like Fun Records

Everyone knows someone who’s a product of their environment. Helios Hussain’s Views From 6 Mile prescribes you a one-way ticket to the childhood that raised the womanizer, criminal, street instinctive, misogynistic black man walking the streets of the most poverty stricken ghettos In America. Not quite the evolution of the American dream. Rather, a product of a dark reality.

Helios takes the listener through select mindsets he’s worn and/or witnessed throughout his childhood and adult life. While paying homage to groups who bred the soundtrack, like Detroit’s Lodge Boyz and Chicago’s Do or Die.

Views From 6 Mile is a soundtrack of the creatives, who haven’t let go of their dreams, regardless of the obstacles they’ve faced in their lives. each chapter firmly defining the next with traumatic innuendos and nostalgic, cinematic, but aggressive production. Helios Hussain has created an emotionally driven masterpiece.”

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