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@Gyn_Rummy – GynRummy – Real – Columbus

@Gyn_Rummy – GynRummy – Real – Columbus

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The song ” Real ” is track 6 off Retracing Steps: The Transition. I created this song because in the current days and times we live in, it’s quite certain that almost everyone can consider it a cutthroat society. Most people are afraid to be real about how they feel about situations especially when its siding with what’s right. I chose the latter and went against the grain to always stay true to me while battling the evils of the world, constantly showing love and choosing to never give up. I kept myself guarded against all attacks whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual but still let myself be open enough to help everyone that came along. I may not be perfect but I am real enough to admit that and make a change happen even after all my mistakes. I am real and The song shows anyone else to keep being real no matter what and never stay down after the world kicks you.

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