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@Gyn_Rummy – Gyn Rummy – We Rollin’ – Columbus

@Gyn_Rummy – Gyn Rummy – We Rollin’ – Columbus

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Track 6 off Retracing Steps is a real heavy hitter with a mix of jamaican dialect and dope storytelling lyrics on a Dizz Beat, one of the producers out of NY making a lot of noise. There has been a lot of separation between the people of the world, mainly blacks, and the police force. This song takes place around his senior year after the police killed a friend by the name of Ramarley Graham and the loss of Ray Gunz. This is when his mentality changed and he began to realize that their is power in numbers, not just in the people you keep around but also in your pockets. It takes money to change things in the new business world we live in. Watch As he begins to implement his plan on his road To Coming Of Age.

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