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@Gyn_Rummy – Gyn Rummy – Dark Room – Columbus

@Gyn_Rummy – Gyn Rummy – Dark Room – Columbus

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Track 2 off Retracing Steps: The Transition is called ” Dark Room “. This song is based off my transition from a happy go lucky child into an adolescent struggling with depression. To Be simple and honest, I felt as if i was alone and nobody cared for me after my grandmother died and it left a void in my heart. I always wore a fake smile in front of everyone and used the motto ” I’m good when i’m good and i’m I’m good when i’m bad ” to cover up the hurt so i couldn’t drag anyone into my own issues. Due to the fact, i knew what loneliness and depression felt like, I never judged anyone and i always made sure to be there for everyone because there are people who Won’t tell you what they’re going through. I was always able to see the pain people felt by looking into their eyes and id rather not have people fall into the pit that i fell in. The song is self explanatory if you listen real good but I want this song to be for all those who need someone there to be there for them or even listen to them. I am that open ear.

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