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@GrimyJoey – Joey Blanćo – Midnight Madness – Chicago

@GrimyJoey – Joey Blanćo – Midnight Madness – Chicago

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Joey Blanćo is a 20-year-old artist, born and raised in Chicago, IL. At the young age of 8, Joey began to write his own raps, but it wasn’t until a few years later, at 15 when he realized that music is a path he wants to pursue. With his musical talents stemming from his mother, father, and older brother, his main goal is to make sure they are taken care of through his creativity, skills, and success. Outside of his family, Joey is motivated by the fact that music never fades and it is so influential. He makes music for the people. When asked about what motivated him, he states, “The effect that I have had and can have on people keeps me going.” As he releases new music, he is often blessed with people telling him that his music inspires them to get through every day life, whether it be from his lyrics of his grind and determination. He likes to dedicate a lot of his progression and determination to his business partner Money Ke’, as well as the rest of the Scheme Team.
When it comes to genres, Joey has a Hip-Hop sound mixed with a touch of R&B; he likes to call it “Personal Music”. He naturally steers away from the sound of most popular artists and creating his own genre allows him to do so. Although he writes music that expresses who he is and allows others into his mind, what helps him to create his best sounds is the fact that people will be able to relate to and understand what he’s talking about.
To get a taste of Joey Blanćo and his progression, you can take a look at his song (https://soundcloud.com/grimyjoey/joey-blanco-x-moneyke-how-it-goes), and visit his SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/grimyjoey . Look out for his upcoming project titled “Grimy Sunday” which will display his progress and showing the world that prosperity is something that he is destined for.

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