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@g_cartier954 – gcartier954 – Pull Up In Cali – [Video] – Fort Lauderdale

@g_cartier954 – gcartier954 – Pull Up In Cali – [Video] – Fort Lauderdale

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G Cartier also known as ( ””’Glenton George Gilzean””’ ) is a 29 year old rapper born September 7th 1988 and raised in Broward County Florida. He discovered his rap talent at a very young age. Writing poems and filling up books of rhymes he could not let go of what he called music! Passionate for success he continues to write. Performing in the Miami area and networking with major artist his chances of finally reaching his dreams would come true. Raised by his mother Jacqueline her number one goal was school. Education at its low, growing up in in poverty where drug dealers are on the left and bank robbers live on the right its very difficult to tell the good from the bad. Influential music such as, country, dance hall, r&b, hip-hop, jazz, classical, soul, and reggae, is what kept the fire burning the desire to fulfill. Its like a never ending equation of songs that you cant put down because, your lust of adventure is overwhelming of pride. His influences range from Tupac, Biggie Smalls, TI, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Currency, Jay-z, Bob Marley, Silk Tha Shocker, Twista, Nas, and an array of many more. Now completed with school he is ready to take his music career to the next level. In 2018 ”’G Cartier”’ signed a distribution deal with ”’Sony Records/Wright Records/NotApologetic Records”’ and the ”Hit Single” ”’Pull Up In Cali”’ was born

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