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@fokuz_ – Lonely Savage – Keep Moving – Minneapolis

@fokuz_ – Lonely Savage – Keep Moving – Minneapolis

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SC: soundcloud.com/lonelysavage
Twitter: @fokuz_
Facebook: /kfokuz​

Bringing to the forefront a new twist on classic hip-hop, jazz, and storytelling. local rapper Lonely Savage is trying to push the definition of what he defines as “soul music”. Growing up in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, he was exposed to many forms of music, art, cultures, and individuals. Each brought with it a story of their own to tell. In the summer of 2015 he took his first step to pursuing his dream dropping his highly anticipated single “City of God”. A modern take on a Emmy Nominated Movie “City of God” (2002), about two young men who choose different paths. Shot in the poverty-stricken favelas of Rio de Janeiro poorest neighborhoods. He takes us on a journey through his life, one as a normal guy, and one as a musician. He confesses his battles, questions different choices leading him down different roads. The struggles of pursuing a dream while becoming a man, and his hopes, to one day become a super star. This summer he returned with a more confident, and clear definition to his craft. With a new found confidence, a solidified flow, and wisdom that speaks far beyond his years, he brings us ever closer to seeing his vision.

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