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@evoldecember – Evol December – Your Face – [Video] – Madrid

@evoldecember – Evol December – Your Face – [Video] – Madrid

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About this Song:

Hi! We are Evol December, an alternative, lo-fi hip hop band based in Spain.

We’ve been active since September 2k17 but started to have a small impact on the Spanish scene recently in the last months. We’re currently finishing a mixtape which will be released on December 13th, and it will include the following song we’re submitting.

We found your website and discovered many talented people thanks to you 🙂

Last week we released a song with a british artist called Duccbod, who is extremely gifted, and developed a tight and close relationship with him. You gotta love the internet, and the way it connects people from all over the world.
It was fun to made, with friendly intentions behind it, and the result it’s a cozy and chill song, which we hope you enjoy!

We’d like to get your opinion about it and apply for a submission on the blog if you like it, but most important starting a close relationship.

Thank You so much, looking forward to hearing from you

Big love, Evol December

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