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YOUNG and FREE is a track by EVILSLIMBOY from his new mixtape “RAP CARGO CULT” 

EVILSLIMBOY is not just a rapper but more a cultural phenomenon. Born in Russia in the age of great historical changes, raised in tough russian streets, then moved to Israel and spent several years in big african ghetto in the south of the capital city Tel-Aviv. Melting pot of cultures, languages, people of different colors and beliefs changed his personality forever. Having faced dangers,learning to speak the street language, struggling for the place under the sun Evilslimboy is a voice of post racial world . Sometimes his rhymes sound like “dirty south”, sometimes Brooklyn, or you hear Ethiopian rasta vibes or some words in Nigerian or Hebrew. The only thing that never changes: everything you hear is zero fake, only the real voice of the streets from a person that has been through a lot. Motivative rhymes about hunger for success, irony on fake values, dangers of the street life,living outside the system, strong sexuality sound evil and can “hurt”, but only if you are not into the real life.

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