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Eminem Talks Revival with DJ Whoo Kid

Eminem Talks Revival with DJ Whoo Kid

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Eminem stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s show on Shade45 (with Lord Sear) with Alchemist, Paul Rosenberg and Mr. Porter in tow to talk about his upcoming new album Revival. At least that was probably the intention, but if you know Em and Whoo Kid, then you know you can’t have a serious conversation with either of these guys for any sustained period of time.

Marshall did take a few minutes to touch on working with Beyonce on “Walk On Water” and to discuss Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre’s contributions to the new project, but he didn’t reveal much else. He did briefly expound on the depth of his hatred for Donald Trump which inspired his vicious BET Awards Cypher verse and mentioned that he was disappointed when he didn’t get a response.

Listen below.

Catch Em tomorrow night on Saturday Night Live with host Chance The Rapper

Also, Whoo Kid totally steals music

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