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@EKinoshk – Codename Collective – Phantasmagoria – Keene

@EKinoshk – Codename Collective – Phantasmagoria – Keene

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this is a song from our freshly released lp. Another Story from Rap Group Codename Collective.

Codename Collective is a New England based hip-hop group consisting of several members. The group consists of drummer and rapper KILL LAIMBEER, guitarist and rapper Superstanza AKA Cora Seksinsky (who had worked together previously in a band context), producer and rapper Emmanuel Kinoshi, Producer and DJ Derek Hall AKA Grapefruit (Stylized with an umlaut), drummer and rapper Dan AKA Grory, and Skit man and funny boi, DJ MC Big Titties Esquire the 3rd, formed in 2017. With lyrical content ranging from everything to queerness, racial identity, fatherlessness, anarchy, the end of a relationship, homophobia in Hip hop, and cultivating a relationship with Jesus. Codename stays true to their vision of who they are regardless of its reception or the culture in which it is made. Codenames got it’s start when three friends, Emmanuel, KILL, and Cora, decided that making a Hip Hop EP would be a grand idea, from there it ballooned and people kept jumping in the madness. Grory got involved in what seemed like a move of fate. On the fateful evening of Codenames first live set, a simple gig in a friend’s living room, Grory was chilling out at said friend’s house, sippin on some hennessy. Grory and Emmanuel had had collaborated together outside of The Collective and upon seeing one another at the gig/party, decided to perform together that night! And perform they did, in a completely improvised fashion!



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