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@DondreLetrel – Dondre Letrel – MISS CAROL. – Maryland

@DondreLetrel – Dondre Letrel – MISS CAROL. – Maryland

About this Song:

“”Miss Carol”, the first song by Dondre Letrel released under the brand ‘Dondre Letrel See’s’, Dondre uses a character, ‘Miss Carol’ (fictional or non fictional, who really knows..) as a symbol and metaphor for all the different social entities he represents: the city he is from (District Heights, [PG], MD), his family, his Christian faith [Family] etc.
Through this metaphor, he expresses and communicates that he will not lose touch of who he is, will not forget where/what he comes from, and that he is passionate about helping his community be the best they can be and not settle for less!”

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