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@dmenacepxw – D-Menace & PXW – If I Said It, I Meant It – [Video] – Philadelphia

@dmenacepxw – D-Menace & PXW – If I Said It, I Meant It – [Video] – Philadelphia

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On January 6th, 2017, D-Menace & PXW, Alternative/Progressive Hip-Hop group from the Philadelphia Metro Area, debuted with “Menace’s Genesis”. This album emphasizes lyricism, both from a technical and conceptual standpoint, and is firmly grounded in the tradition and versed in the history of classic Hip-Hop. Taking influence from and being inspired by artists such as Ice-T, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, -Redman, De La Soul, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, and Eminem, we reject the approach of writing catchy hooks and pointless party-starting lyrics. Instead, D-Menace emphasizes the true art of MC-ing and pushing the limits of what a rapper can actually accomplish on the microphone. The topics on “Menace’s Genesis” range from politics to over-the-top horror stories to personal issues, delivered in a style at once witty and passionate, cerebral and emotional.

While the lyrics on “Menace’s Genesis” honor the artistic roots of hip-hop, its production branches out to a wide range of styles and innovating new ideas. Rather than using simple looping beats, PXW approaches hip-hop with a Progressive Rock philosophy, implementing evolving melodies which build upon each other as the song goes on. Flowing bass-lines complement busy, often breakbeat centered drums to create a dense and dusty sound, which nods again to classic Hip-Hop and it’s relatively lo-fi aesthetic. Over this backdrop, the songs vary by adding synthesizers, samples, and guitars in several different styles, often venturing into the territory of Trip-Hop and Rap-Rock/Metal.

We hope to gain fans among those who appreciate our lyrical craft and/or innovative music. Since this is a wide category, “Menace’s Genesis” has a lot of potential for crossover, drawing an audience both from Classic Hip-Hop fans and fans of Rock, Electronica, and Metal. Regardless of who is listening to our music, what drives us is the desire is to push Hip-Hop, and, more broadly, music in general, to its limits of creativity and passion.

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