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@DisMissedFit1 – DisMissedFit – Sharingan Pt. 2 Ft. slum Prod. beto – Redwood City

@DisMissedFit1 – DisMissedFit – Sharingan Pt. 2 Ft. slum Prod. beto – Redwood City

About this Song:

Military budget ssid it black as shikimaru
Night time yogi told tha tougne orichimaru
Trip got so deep that i thought it tomorrow
Wont get ripped out my sleep
In that astral a sword

Recon we numbered that silent allegiance
Burn that striped flag i dont pledge no allegiance
White house da terrorist swear they been sleepin
Deprogram they trapped up all in they teachin

.this aint no secret
Been back to egypt
Off of tha water i am

Study breathe research
This a rare feature
King on down 2 da lands

High high mind zone stone still so sudden
Speak still still real still static still among it
Still chill spit switch wheel drift undercurrent
Water workin channel data heaven instrument above it

Rebelforces take no losses
Shout out that recon that north star a problem
Da beast on a respawn get dropped wit nirvana
That heavenly alphabet straight from tha shaman

Source energy restored
Elemental patterns in da vision droppin demon hordes

Distant from tha chatter
Radar scanning i done seen tha shores
Energy beginning its renewal courtesy da moor
Frequency tha 13
B all
Frequency night ring
The all
The most high around us they constant so proud of a mothers love only could b
A counsel of ancients im fillin these pages adjacent creator a crop of da flavor tha mystical maker the truth b tha savior a freedom from lies when i told myself king

I 9 spiral
Lightspeed lightship
Kale rip get lift
Travel out of body on
Ether spinnin raw
Dont switch
We descendents of remnants
Universal w da gift

North recon
Ill chills
Sky wheels i seen em
Gear spinnin w da fleet
Energy on top
Way down thru tha feet
2 da center of da earth
Center of my keep
Inner temple mental
Heavy metal heatin blow da kettle
Tea da mushroom seepin its guerrilla season north da reason audio narcotics
colors coded oceans we eroding
Etch our names up in the game forever
Underground we soulja
Beyond energy
Beyond endlessly
Turning to gold letters au thats chemistry
Golden da soul ancient old thats tha synnergy
Present no future no past just a thing u seen

this is a psychotic break
born in chaos it’s the way I was raised
this is less than humane,
all the knowledge arcane
ripped through my restraints
breaking outta the basement
with some underground assailants
while the streets be vacant
speakers straight shaking the pavement
these thoughts be engaging
continually raging against the machine
with the fiends pulling strings
from behind all the scenes.
so what’s this all worth?
invisible forces at work
on the verge of divergent
twisting and turning the ganja I’m burning
this is God’s gift I’m primarily concerning
the primary learning, in binary code
time for a history lesson on Hip Hop of old
our chest the stronghold, no faith with blindfolds
we cannot be controlled, vengeance is gunna come threefold
here’s the v for vendetta on each and every beat that we sever
rousing my temper, elites thinking now or never
they wanna be god’s control everything from the economy to the weather
but they all flawed and the cause is that greed lives forever
lost in the midsts, of a finite existence
follow the imprints of some misfits
right to the end, but speed up we gotta hurry
truth is our weapon of choice, yield it with strength on this journey.”

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