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@dextersutton07 – Dexter Sutton – Picasso – Petersburg

@dextersutton07 – Dexter Sutton – Picasso – Petersburg

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Dexter Sutton ( Petersburg, Virginia)

Dexter Sutton is a 22 year old from Petersburg ,Virginia. Currently pursuing a BSN in healthcare administration. In his journey as an undergrad Dexter realized that medical administrators is not what he wanted to spend his life doing in hope of bringing in light and joy into his own mundane life Dexter saw out to achieve a life long dream. As a child Dexter fount inspiration in the sounds in hip-hop from his favorite artist lil Wayne, T.I, Gucci ,and Chris Brown. Coming from a foreign family his mother is from Trinidad and his dad is from panama ,but raised in Harlem ,New York. Facing many difficult situations in life from family matters to police encounters ,music sculpted him to become a man who can not be deferred from the things he consistently put his heart into.

His veteran father left the home at the age of 5 after an abusive relationship within his parents relationship. He then started to sing and rap going down the street in his neighborhood to uplift his spirits. Through the years he progressed substantially with his music in a creative and constructive way. Not talking too much on every word of his street life putting them in clever puns that people will understand after listening to his songs. His song “Drip” was recently air live on via radio and now submitting “Picasso” to be aired. At 17 after graduation he was kicked out for most this would be hard but as an adolescent he know how to make money and take it if he had to. Being alone was easy for him and he takes all matters into his own hands. He is very intoned with his Trinidadian culture and will make some bomb curry shrimp or jerk ribs! He listened to biggie a lot while being homeless and it gave him the inspiration to take his music on head forward. With that being said this is Dexter Sutton your soon to be next lyrical manipulator.

(soundcloud.com music) https://soundcloud.com/dexterc-685903050
(Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/dondaddasutton/

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