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@desertratmusic – desertratmusic – Fresh Prince – Coachella Valley

@desertratmusic – desertratmusic – Fresh Prince – Coachella Valley

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My name is Bo Bailard aka Desert Rat. I’m a rapper/producer located in Coachella, CA. I just released a new single “Fresh Prince” feat. Flo & Hallow. Let me know what you think.

About the track
This track was influenced by A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. Each rapper explaining their story of good vibes, drinking, dancing etc. at a house party. I choose to chop WILSON SIMONAL “Não Me Deixe Sozinho.” It reminded me of going down the ally of a grocery store and looking at all the liquor, beer, and wine. Plus the melody line with the combination of the drums that I put of it I felt gave it a laid back vibe for the listener. Something you can play at the pool or at night.

Bo Bailard aka Desert Rat

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