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@Cnstnt_Dvnts @Six2SixShift – Constant Deviants – Straight No Chasers – Brooklyn

@Cnstnt_Dvnts @Six2SixShift – Constant Deviants – Straight No Chasers – Brooklyn

About this Song:

“East coast hip hop duo Constant Deviants released their fifth studio album “Omerta” on June 28th.

Baltimore rapper M.I. and New Jersey producer DJ Cutt also launched the “Tre Volte” freestyle video trilogy, a representation of how they first met and performed together in an era when “2 turntables and a microphone” was the rule and not the exception. “Straight No Chasers” is the final episode in the series premiered by Impose Magazine http://www.imposemagazine.com/tv/constant-deviants-offer-a-straight-no-chaser-freestyle

M.I. has also moved into the world of acting, and his new film “Six2Six” co:starring Treach, Syleena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee will be screened at Ralph McDaniels’ Hip Hop Film Festival tonight, Friday August 5th, at 8.30pm EST. It takes place at Harlem’s National Black Theater as part of the “Tales from the Hood” showcase – more details at hhff2016schedules.wordpress.com/2016/05/20/tales-from-the-hood-august-5th/

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INSTAGRAM M.I. @m.i.six2six DJ Cutt @thecuttyprofessor”

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