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@clutchlandlord – Paskkal the Landlord – “Guts” – [Video] – 301

@clutchlandlord – Paskkal the Landlord – “Guts” – [Video] – 301

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About this Song:

I go by Paskkal the Landlord, and I am a big fan or your digital publication.
I am an up and coming Korean rapper/independent artist in Washington DC, and I just released “Guts”, the video for the single off of my forthcoming project. As a 16 year old Korean American living in the metropolitan area, I believe I have a unique perspective to offer. This video addresses the animalistic instincts of man. My goal with music is to create something distinctive enough to push the boundaries of music while maintaining a familiarity. This song lends itself to futurebounce/trap and was produced by prominent soundcloud producers j.robb and Skater.
I plan to open for Logic in 2017.
The lyrical content of all my music is philosophical and poetic, and I draw inspiration from the likes of Shakespeare. Please give my video a watch, and (hopefully) if you like it enough I would be honored if you would post it on your site. If you do not think it is up to par with the content of the site, all constructive criticism and advice is welcome. Enjoy!

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