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@chuccwhyte – Chuccwhyte – Crabs In A Bucket – montgomery village

@chuccwhyte – Chuccwhyte – Crabs In A Bucket – montgomery village

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My name is Chuck Oraka i manage Chucc WhYte and I am a very big fan of Daily Hip Hop Jamz and you all have done for our culture.

I have attached a link to my music, a brief bio and my contact information as i am very much interested in getting on the website as i feel the platform will get my music to the right demographic.
I have attached the single artwork to the email as instructed.

Thank you for your anticipated approval.

Kind regards,

Chucc WhYte


Holding the torch for Maryland Representing the DMV, this Lyrical wordsmith with an impeccable cadence fused with urban soulful rhythm and melody Chucc WhYte himself describes as “Thug N Soul” is a sound created for his cult following he calls “RebelZ with a cause”.


Crabs in a bucket is Chucc’s way of painting a picture of stagnancy in life and wanting more for yourself as well as telling his own story at the same time. This message is highly relatable as we have all been pigeon holed as we embark on the journey to fulfill our self purpose in life.




EMAIL: chuccwhyte@gmail.com / info.stackhouseinitiatives@gmail.com
PHONE: 240 408 9839
MANAGER: Chuck Oraka


Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/chuccwhyte
Twitter https://twitter.com/chuccwhyte
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chuccwhyte
Snapchat: @chuccwhyte
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjo-90Honi8oD0dZbHGgjCA

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