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@ChrisCachiaAKA – Chris Cachia – My Resolve – Toronto

@ChrisCachiaAKA – Chris Cachia – My Resolve – Toronto

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Runnin’ for a long time, Chris Cachia is back with the title track for his latest EP, My Resolve. Exploring the potential power derived from the relentless pursuit of survival, My Resolve is the third in a series of EPs that aim to make sense of recent personal (mental health) and societal (social justice) concerns. While the full EP is available everywhere you buy and stream music, you can check a lyric video preview on YouTube and the title track on Soundcloud:

Bandcamp: chriscachia.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @ChrisCachiaAKA
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/chriscachia
Twitter: @ChrisCachiaAKA
YouTube: UrbanOrganic

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