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@callmelavish – Lavish – 10301 – [Video] – Staten Island

@callmelavish – Lavish – 10301 – [Video] – Staten Island

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Good afternoon! My name is Terrell (professionally known as Lavish), and I’m an artist from Staten Island, New York. I came across your blog and I’m really digging your content! I recently released a music video to my song titled “10301” and I figured since this blog covers similar content, I thought you’d be interested in my new video and other music! The videographers I worked with did videos for artists such as Kanye West, Swae Lee, DC The Don, A$AP Rocky, and a few other popular names in the industry, so I promise this video won’t be a waste of your time. This song is off my debut album, released June 2018, titled “Lavish 10301.” To explain further, 10301 is the zip code in which I was raised. I feel that I’m a good fit for your blog because just like the other artists you cover, I have eye catching videos, good quality production and ear-catching vocals! If you check out my other music, you’ll see just exactly what I mean. I think the main thing that makes me special and different from other artists is that I have a stutter that cannot be hid during conversation. I work day and night to perfect my raps and that’s why I use music as a platform where I can speak comfortably, get my voice heard while at the same time, strive for that career in music that I’ve wanted ever since I was little. I really, really think you guys will enjoy my content and even if you don’t, it’s cool! I love feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. I will be attaching the link to my music video, please check it out. Feel free to check me out on Instagram as well, my username is @callmelavish_

Here’s the link to my music video! Hope you enjoy

If you’re impressed by my song, feel free to check out my album on Apple Music and/or Spotify!


Hope to chat with you soon!

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