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@BorneTrubble @LuzidoFlows – Maxi Zee & L. Lúzido – Vitamin Fresh – Berlin & Chicago

@BorneTrubble @LuzidoFlows – Maxi Zee & L. Lúzido – Vitamin Fresh – Berlin & Chicago

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Yo, first and foremost, props for the work you do for our Hip-Hop community by maintaining your Website. Its quite dope what you accomplished and how you arrange the content on your page. The concept behind the websites name and idea is fresh as hell.

Me (Maxi Zee) and my associate (L. Lúzido) just released a funky, feel good boom bap track called “Vitamin Fresh.”
In this video we deliver clever lyrics, slick flows, and good vibes through the style of our energetic chemistry. I’d appreciate if you gave this Concept Video a look to consider sharing it on your Website and/or Facebook page for your audience to enjoy. We’ve attached our photo and the cover art to be used for a potential post.

Song Title
Maxi Zee & L. Lúzido – Vitamin Fresh

Music Video

Track itself

Further Artist information:
– Berlin-bred MC, Maxi Zee, rocks mics with a crass tongue and shave demeanor.
– Chicago-born lyricist, L. Lúzido (Chicago) spits rollercoaster flows packed with multisyllabics and cheeky punchlines.
– Both artists are currently based in Seoul, South Korea.

Social Media
– Maxi Zee – @MicrophoneZilla (FB & SoundCloud), @MaxiZee (IG)
– L. Lúzido – @LuzidoFlows (FB | IG | SoundCloud | Twitter | Your mom’s phone)

Peace, Love and Vitamins.

– Maxi Zee

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