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@BlkLion_Society – HickoryMusic – Party In The Hills – Detroit

@BlkLion_Society – HickoryMusic – Party In The Hills – Detroit

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The Rise of a New Society in Detroit

Detroit can be a jungle… Everybody knows artists such as Big Sean and Eminem are from Detroit, but know little about the other talent in the city.
Since the lion is the undisputed ‘King of the Jungle’, what better way for 3 kings to coexist than side by side in a highly respected society.

From the ashes and ruble of Detroit comes a new untapped sound of three men: Jake Diamondz, Big S.C.A.M, and Phenom; the collective known as Black Lion Society (BLS). Check out their new single “Party in The Hills”, a cool ‘Young California’ meets midwest vibe. Definitely a breath of fresh air for the region….


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