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@bfadedmusic – Braedon The Faded x Noemad – Cruise – Petoskey

@bfadedmusic – Braedon The Faded x Noemad – Cruise – Petoskey

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New single from Hip-Hop/R&B sensation Braedon The Faded x Noemad The Drifter called “Cruise” (Prod. By Young Taylor)
” Cruise ” is an upbeat catchy song that’s perfect to add to your summer playlist. It’s about hanging out with your friends and riding around on a summer day. This will be a song that you will have on repeat all Summer long. The two artists have also just released a new album titled “Lost and Faded”

Braedon The Faded is a hip-hop/R&b artist and songwriter from a small town in Northern Michigan. Braedon just recently took on writing music back in November, writing either late at night at home after a long day or going over to his friends house, which in time lead to the collaboration with his long time best friend Noemad. He has a chill & wavy sound that is unique and melodic to listen to. When he isnt working on his music he likes to spend his time in the woods shooting pictures or videos with his friends. He’s now 20, just released a new album with Noemad titled “Lost and Faded” and has more music in the works.

Noemad is an twenty year old artist currently working out of Soundscape Studios in Chicago Illinois, with an introspective chill sounds he plans to build a huge name within the Hip-Hop/R&B communities.
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