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@azure_DMV – Azure The Paradox – GXDLVL – Upper Marlboro

@azure_DMV – Azure The Paradox – GXDLVL – Upper Marlboro

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“GXDLVL” is the 1st single to be officially released from Azure The Paradox’s second album “imMATURE”. The self-produced banger sees Azure boasting about his status post-DS17, dropping references to the multiple Greek Gods, and bowing out with an interpolation of Travis Scott’s God Level. Azure is heavily inspired by Travis, using fan art of him for many different songs in late 2017. This song as well as the others released in anticipation for the album indicate a more trap influenced approach, as opposed to Distant Symphonies’ more atmospheric sound. The song also features sampled adlibs by Juicy J.

You Can Preorder The New Album Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/immature/id1278246449

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