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@ – Anielle Miriam – Wasted (Rico Nasty remix) – Skokie

@ – Anielle Miriam – Wasted (Rico Nasty remix) – Skokie

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Hi, My name is Anielle (like Ariel but with an N). I’m 17, and I’m a rapper from the suburbs of Chicago. My song called Wasted is something I wrote while I was locked up. It’s really just the product of me realizing that LIFE IS TOO SHORT. we live, we die, and WE choose whether or not we make it worthwhile. WE OURSELVES have to make sure our short amount of time on this earth is not wasted. I have an article online about my story and crime that I will put the link to at the end of this message. This whole year has been a HUGE awakening for me. My BIGGEST fear is dying before people know who I am. I make music that people can relate to. I write POETRY, my guy. Rappers these days do not have anything different that they bring to the table. I do. I have flow, versatility, and talent. I want to inspire other young women that even in this man’s world, we can be something great. Here’s the link to my article, and THANK YOU for even taking the time to read this. http://chicagoroar.com/love-vs-lust/

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