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↘️@allenmiori – ALSEEGREEN – Black Magic – Virginia

↘️@allenmiori – ALSEEGREEN – Black Magic – Virginia

About this Song:

“aLSEEGREEN sebuts his newest project “black magic” which takes us to a side of him not too many are familar with yet, as he brings us 7 tracks that will put you in a trance. This body of work he expresses his issues with trustion & his standpoint about the everyday tribulations.. It definitely stretches his sound and expands him as a artist with the progression from tapes like, “stuck in the trap vol 1” where ALSEEGREEN shows us a more ecstatic & in your face bangers..You can expect that vibe with listening to “black magic” except it touches a deeper aspect of his emotion with this very captivating truancy trap sound hes expressing hroughtout each track.”

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