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@alexduttymusic – Alex Dutty – The Oven – SE1EP1 – Freestyle – United Kingdom

@alexduttymusic – Alex Dutty – The Oven – SE1EP1 – Freestyle – United Kingdom

About this Song:

“Not needing much of an introduction, Alex Dutty-or Lexus Dutty as he was once called- is a known figure on the underground circuit.

Relentlessly carving out a career by appearing on mixtapes with the likes of Dot Rotten. before he found mainstream success, such was Alex’s buzz he began supporting and opening up shows for acclaimed artists such as Kano, Ghetts, Wiley and Bashy to name a few. This spurned him on to independently go it alone and become a headline act in his own right, a strategic move that led to Alex collectively selling upwards of 60,000 units of his solo mixtape’s up and down the country, ‘Dutty Mouth Vol 1,’ the follow up ‘Dutty Mouth Vol 2’ and the third instalment, ‘Dutty Mouth Vol 3.’

This sort of self-promotion doesn’t go unnoticed, as such; his mixtape’s have been nominated three years running at the coveted OMA’s (Official Mixtape Awards). At the risk of sounding cliché, the fans and critics cottoned on to the mischievous entertaining lyrics embedded in catchy songs and a personality that has become the backbone of Alex’s music as he has perfected the medium of entertaining in his music whilst keeping it completely honest. You relate to Alex, you feel a connection with his lyrics and uniquely every song feels like a conversation with a familiar friend.

As an artist he is the poster child and mouthpiece for a broken, disgruntled generation. Choosing to shy away from the stereotypical, guns, drugs, money and hoes that has become synonymous with the modern day genre of Hip-Hop, though growing up in the same deprived neighbourhoods and broken families as his peers, Alex is a breath of fresh air as he covers family strife’s, relationship woes, political thoughts, financial issues, self-doubt, everything his fans go through.

Also a producer and engineer, the 6″ 2 inch Alex has been busy completing his debut album ‘Knock Down Ginger,’ taking its name from the popular kids game he grew up playing as he went from hostel to hostel in a childhood that would be completely foreign to most people;. The name also pays homage to his physical characteristics, namely his stand out ginger hair. Set for release in 2016 with a collection of honest, strong and sometimes controversial songs, like single, ‘Proud To Be White,’ a strong title with a seemingly antagonistic undertone, he really sets the canvass for fans to gain an understanding in to the mind and life of Alex as he paints his world for all to see on ‘Knock Down Ginger.'”


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