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@acidtriptamo – AcidTrip – Ocean Waves – Charlotte

@acidtriptamo – AcidTrip – Ocean Waves – Charlotte

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This track is about gratitude for all the progress in life.It is a more personal selection. The song has a video game themed melody with a peaceful vibe in the vocals. The wittiness is there but so is the message.

AcidTrip is an aspiring independent hiphop recording artist from Charlotte, NC. Music is his life, even when he was in the negative phase of his life he still confided in music. Through life’s lesson’s, psychedelics, and balance it allowed him to evolve for the better. AcidTrip focused on his music instead of the distractions and started getting more shows. His recent EP LAZULi was featured on HotNewHipHop, ThisIs50, and even SwayInTheMorning etc. The EP is available on Spotify, iTunes, google play, etc.  He even has a single dropping next month with Mick Jenkins. AcidTrip’s sound could be compared to an elevated euphoria of higher frequecies. His purpose is to inspire change, master his craft, and stay true to himself. AcidTrip is an embodiment of the psychedelic soul and the essence of his music is the message. AcidTrip’s music is truly an intoxicating experience

IG: @AcidTripTamo
Twitter: @Acidtriptamo 
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCllspVjxBdDvCI9xybOi94w

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