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@_2Ru3 – 2Ru3 – The People – Columbia

@_2Ru3 – 2Ru3 – The People – Columbia

About this Song:

Drawing inspiration from the old soul of the 60s along with the 90s to early 2000s era of hip hop, 2Ru3 is a multi-talented artist that embodies his old school influences while still unique and genuine in its delivery. He is passionate about his craft hopes to be known as an artist that stood for something and that meant something not only to the culture of hip-hop, but also to the people.

A native of South Carolina, 2Ru3 seeks to create timeless music with a message as many before him have done while also making a good name for his home state. He’s been recognized for having a style and flow reminiscent of DMX, 2Pac, Goodie Mob, and Bone Thugs. As for his singing, he’s been credited with having a unique style that carries the soul of legendary Sam Cooke.

He hopes to make a difference and meaningful impact in the world through the music scene, seeking to provide lyrics and music from a genuinely passionate place.

Website: 2ru3music.com

Social Media:
Twitter – @_2Ru3 | Facebook – @Stay2Ru3 | Instagram – @2ru3

Alpha (The Beginning) EP – iTunes: http://apple.co/2eEbKnR | Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1XHE0pL | DatPiff: http://piff.me/c1dfc6b

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