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↘️@RUDE_D @TheSpacedown – Rude D & Roy ShyftE – Movement – Netherlands

↘️@RUDE_D @TheSpacedown – Rude D & Roy ShyftE – Movement – Netherlands

About this Song:

“Movement release

In the approach of their upcoming release, Rude D & Roy ShyftE have had their share of obstacles. After the passing of Roy’s father and DCREAL67 (Rude D’s deejay), everything was put on hold. Now, they have resumed their work towards completing their long awaited full length project titled: ‘Classic Adventures’.

Picking up where they left off, ‘Movement’ is a fitting name for a track that marks the end of their short hiatus. On this mellow and spacey track, Rude D explains in ‘Broken Language’ style who his target audience is and prepares them to take flight and embark on the journey that is Classic Adventures.

Over a heavily spaced out Roy ShyftE beat filled with thumping drums, dreamy scapes and deep basses, Rude D’s easy delivery clearly conveys the song’s concept, complimenting the production. ‘Movement’ is another fine impression of what to expect of the forthcoming project.

Be on the lookout for Classic Adventures, hitting the digital freeway early 2016.




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