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↘️@MARLONSOULER – Marlon Souler – ANTI PROD 808 MAFIA – Toronto

↘️@MARLONSOULER – Marlon Souler – ANTI PROD 808 MAFIA – Toronto

About this Song:

“Many believe finding yourself is a form of admitting that you once were lost. In some cases when people find themselves, they realize that they are more lost than they have ever been. Marlon Souler, after battling emotional trauma and light but effective drug use, is ready to push forward in becoming the biggest entity in music. Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, a suburb outside of Toronto, Souler has grown and matured a lot as an artist and has experienced a continental shift in sound. In order to adapt to the fast-paced and ever-growing music scene in Canada, Marlon Souler returns to the music scene by release a brand new record every other week. The material will be an eclectic mix of sounds ranging from hip-hop to EDM and even genre’s unheard of for a rapper; heavy metal, folk, and even blues.

The new record “ANTI” is a protest record in regards to the constant narrative of police brutality and unlawful acts committed against people of color for countless years. It stems from a more aggressive viewpoint rather than the typical peaceful protest. It is more of a Malcolm X stance than Martin Luther King. It is somebody truly fed up with people being peaceful about a situation and feeling like they must resort to other resolutions.”

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